It never ceases to amaze me as to in the times of hardship and strife how all kinds of people – from all background, ethnicities and religions – come together to lend a helping hand and expect absolutely nothing in return! Such a great feeling.
And during this time of self and required quarantine due to the CoronaVirus, the generosity of people all comes to the surface. There are several churches, and other religious faiths, and businesses that have come to the aid of those in need. In particular the homeless and those who just need a meal and a smiling face. So we bind together and offer a helping hand and something to eat. And by the way, all of the food products and individual help are all donated! To these businesses, people and churches, Thank-You! Our part was at the 1st Presbyterian Church, 9th and State Streets, Boise. (Left-Click any of these photographs to see them enlarged!)

This sign was on a post in downtown Boise

Look at these meals. Usually fro 45 to 60 served on the 4th Thursday of each month at the 1st Presbyterian Church at 9th and State Streets in Boise. (The room and all facilities included, including the full kitchen!)

Filling the Dinner Bags

But before we moved to Dinner Bags, we had Baked Potatoes and all the trimmings. Look –

Baked Potato and Acme Bakeshop Dinner Roll

Baked Potato and Chicken with Acme Bakeshop Rolls and Salad

But then, we had to switch to the Dinner Sacks because of The Virus –

Hot Dog Rolls from Acme Bakeshop

Hot Dogs! Good ones! Not microwaved! Cooked the Old Fashion Way!

Packing the dinner sacks

Dinner Sacks in March

Dinner Sacks in April

and this is why we do it. Thank-You Joe Levitch for this photograph! It says it all.
“Man Alone”