This was really an easy week for grocery pick up at the BFM Drive-Thru on Shoreline Drive in Boise. The line moved pretty quickly. They have changed their modus operandi. It works out very well. I had a 9:15 pickup time and I was through the line in about 10 minutes or less. Here is a link to The Market Information.
And too. It’s great to hear a friendly and cheerful voice under the mask that they all wear -m I wear mine, too! Here are some photos from the process this morning. But I do miss the interaction with the vendors, but that will come. Enjoy!

The line was long, but it moved quickly.

The Drive-Up line

Picking up the order is an easy process. They direct you to a table. You show them your name and the time you are scheduled for. They go and get your already filled order, bring it back to you and put it in your vehicle, if you want them to. You’re done!

Order pick up.

My order in the back of my car. Notice the paperwork – your name, time and products ordered. Your credit card is not charged until you pick the order up. No Cash is transfered!

Our order displayed. From Acme Bakeshop Sourdough Loaf and a Turmeric Baguette, Baby Turnips, Salad Greens, Watercress and Bok Choy.

From Acme Bakeshop a wonderfully delicious Turmeric Bread made fresh. It will go very well with our lamb chops (Meadowlark Farms) tomorrow.