Recipes from the Captain’s Shack: Dec 2020 – CS Prime Rib

OK. So the question that I get, “Where is this place?” That’s easy. We had our 1905 kitchen remodeled several years ago and we turned it into The Captain’s Shack. It is our kitchen. It’s where we come up with some of these recipes and dinners. It’s the Tooltime of the Kitchen. The ideas and suggestions for the recipes and things come from a variety of sources – The Food Network, Chopped,Guy’s Grocery Games. You get the idea – all of those places suggest recipes and dinners. We just alter them – make them better, so to speak. And the number of CS (Captain’s Shack) recipes are increasing and, therefore, need a page of their own on this blog. So. That is what this page is for – a repository of recipes from The Captain’s Shack. Enjoy!

Appetizer [Jan 2018] CS Eggs with Smoked Paprika Aioli aka Non-Deviled Deviled Eggs – An easy appetizer to make. A good and different appetizer. [PDF]
Appetizer [Jan 2015] CS Caramelized Onion and Maytag Blue Cheese Dip – This is one of Robin’s creations.
Appetizer [Nov 2015] CS Crab Dip East Coast Style – Adapted from Bob’s Sister-In-Law, Marge Young. This is an awesome dip and can be habit-forming. [PDF format]
Appetizer [January 2018]CS Guacamole – Now this will be a hit at your party. It could be the lime zest or maybe the touch of Tequila Gold. Super good! See the Guacamole Chicken Melt below. [PDF format]
Appetizer [January 2018] CS Lamb Meatballs – Just a good appetizer if you like lamb. [PDF]
Appetizer [July 2015] CS Lamb Meatballs with Cranberry Drizzle – Another good appetizer if you like lamb.
Appetizer [Dec 2015] CS Maryland Deviled Crab – One of my Mother’s recipes
Appetizer [Dec 2015] CS Morel Mushrooms in Dry Sherry and Leek Fondue II – I know, a long title. But worth every word and bite. These are rich! [PDF Format]
Appetizer [Dec 2015] CS Robin’s Silver Anniversary Cabernet Mushroom Pâté – An awesome pâté from Robin.
Appetizer [Mar 2018] CS Irish Whiskey Cured Salmon (Irish Lox) – Wonderful homemade lox. Different! Cured with a wee bit of Irish Whiskey. Great with rye toast squares and topped with Crème Fraîche, fresh dill, capers and red onion slices.[PDF format]
Appetizer [Jan 2015] CS Robin’s Icebox Lox – Wonderful homemade lox. Great with bagels and cream cheese or just scrambled eggs. [PDF format]
Appetizer [Jan 2015] CS Spinach and Artichoke Dip – This dip is an awesome crowd pleaser. The basic recipe, before we adapted it, came from Chef Lou’s Westside Drive-In in Boise. This will serve 30. This is a super dip and a real crowd pleaser.
—-Salad Dressings——
Salad DressingCS Asian Salad Dressing– This is great with a simple salad of greens, tomatoes, crab and salad shrimp.
Salad DressingCS Russian Salad Dressing – A real total necessity for any Reuben or Rachel sandwich. A Reuben Sandwich is made with Corned Beef and a Rachel Sandwich is made with Pastrami. [PDF format]


SaladCS Caesar Salad – A very traditional Caesar Salad. Some history is posted, also.
Salad [Jan 2017]CS Citrus and Celery Salad – A very refreshing and awesome salad. Great with lamb.

SaladCS Cobb Salad – A very traditional salad. Some history is posted, also.
SaladCS Fourth of July Coleslaw – An awesome coleslaw that was originally by Trisha Yearwood. We have adapted it slightly. Very slightly. This really is a super good coleslaw. No sugar! We love it. [PDF}
Salad [Aug 2016]CS German Potato Salad – Great German style potato salad. [PDF]
Salad [July 2015]CS Old Fashion Potato Salad – A great basic and delicious potato salad. Blue potatoes add some more color to this salad. [PDF Format]
Salad [Aug 2016]CS Scottish Potato Salad – An authentic Scottish recipe from Use waxy potatoes like New Red Potatoes or Fingerling Potatoes. Also known as Arran Potato Salad. [PDF]
SaladCS Spring Bounty Potato Salad – Great spring vegetables in this potato salad. I love it! [PDF Format]
Salad [Nov 2016]CS Wilted Lettuce Salad – A real family favorite. [PDF]



Cock a Leekie Soup

SoupCS Cock a Leekie Soup – A really good Scottish chicken based soup with leek, potatoes and chicken skin croutons. A hearty soup. [PDF Format]
SoupCS Coconut Shrimp Soup – A really good seafood chowder/soup. Might be good also to try it with lobster or crab. [PDF Format]
SoupCS Cream of Mushroom Soup with Fenugreek and Turmeric – Great on a cold, winter day. [PDF Format]
SoupCS German Potato Leek Soup – Great on a cold, winter day. A big and hearty soup.[PDF Format]


Gameday [Jan 2015]Gameday – CS Chesapeake Crab Reuben – A delightful change from your standard Reuben sandwich. And according to traditions, one can no longer call this a Reuben. Let’s just say a variation on a theme. [PDF format]
Gameday [Jan 2015]Gameday – CS Crab Balls – A delightful change from crab cakes. Individually sized. Use toothpicks to pick one up. Use your own tartar sauce or purchase one from your fish store. [PDF format]
Gameday [Jan 2015]Gameday – CS Crab and Spinach Dip – A delightful hot dip to be served with crackers, vegetables or toasted baguette. [PDF format]
Gameday [Jan 2015]Gameday – CS Sticky Chicken Wings – Finger lickin’ good, sticky wings. “Where’s the beer, Zeke?” [PDF format]
Gameday [Jan 2015]Gameday – CS Sweet and Sour Pork RibsSuperb ribs [PDF]
Soup [Feb 2018]CS Robin’s Cabbage Soup – Really good and hearty soup for a cold Fall day. It’ll warm you up! [PDF Format]
Gameday [Aug 2015]Gameday – CS Tailgate Sloppy Joes – About time we got back to the traditional Sloppy Joes and not that canned stuff. This is made from scratch! [PDF format]


Main Course

Smoked brisket

Beef [Sept 2020]CS Brisket – A superb grilled and smoked beef brisket. It takes some time, but it is well worth it. [PDF format]


Beef [June 2016]CS BBQ Skirt Steak Marinade and Grilling – A superb marinade for beef or pork, in this case a beef skirt steak. Great with Better Baked Beans in this file. [PDF format]

Boeuf Bourguignon

Beef [Feb 2016]CS Bœuf Bourguignon [Classic French Beef Stew] – The classic Julia Child French Beef Stew. [PDF format]


Beef [Mar 2017]CS Beef Negimaki [Classic Japanese dish] – This is a super good beef dish and not difficult to make. [PDF format]
BeefCS Favorite Chili – Here is a very good, almost superb, chili.
BeefCS Filet Mignon with Rich Balsamic Glaze – This is a wonderful and easy delicious dinner to make for “that special occasion”. The recipe includes a side and two wines. [PDF format]
Beef [Sept 2016]CS Italian Meatballs – A superb blend of meats to create a super meatball or a meat sauce. Use with any good homemade pasta or in a meatball sandwich with CS Marinara, listed in this recipe file. [PDF format]
Beef [Nov 2016]CS Korean BBQ Beef – Here is a super way to make beef. Long marinading; fast and hot grill, or stove top grill pan. Well worth trying. [PDF format]
Beef [Sept 2016]CS Matambrito a La Pizza – Don’t be intimidated by the name. This is simply flank or skirt steak grilled and then made into a “pizza”. All kinds of great toppings. Great party treat. Wiki says, “Matambre is the name of a very thin cut of beef in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, taken from between the skin and the ribs, a sort of flank steak…The same word (or matambre arollado or matambre relleno) is also used for a dish made of a matambre meat roll stuffed with vegetables, hard-boiled eggs and herbs, then boiled or oven-roasted. It is served sliced—with the fillings making a colourful display—either hot or cold. It is often eaten with chimichurri sauce. It is a rather fatty meat and is usually eaten with vegetables. Pork matambre is also used…The name matambre is a portmanteau word, “matar” + “hambre” (“kill hunger”).” Interesting. We are using a derivative of the word, matabre. [PDF format]
BeefCS Mom’s Chili Con Carne – Here is a superb, chili con carne that is slow cooked on the stove or in a crock pot. Full of flavor. This has been adapted from my Mother’s recipe. You won’t be disappointed. [PDF format]
Beef [July 2015]CS Pot Roast Slow Cooked – A delightful slow cooked beef pot roast. Full of fresh vegetables and then a luscious gravy from the cooking stock. You can also use lamb or pork or any other meat. [PDF format]
Beef [Dec 2020]CS Prime Rib – A delightful standing rib prime rib that is done in a 500 degree oven. Really an easy and delicious way to cook prime rib. Adapted from Chef Ron Lock. Don’t forget the Herbs de Provence [PDF format]
Beef [March 2016]CS Sauerbraten – Michael Symon – Here is a very good Sauerbraten, adapted from Chef Michael Symon of The Chew, that is slow cooked in the oven for 2 1/2 hours. For best results, though, marinate this beef roast for a minimum of 3 hours and up to 5 hours refrigerated. The longer the better. Great for an Oktoberfest Party! There is a superb salad that goes with this and is included in the recipe. Enjoy! [PDF format]
BeefCS Veal Osso Buco – Superb Osso Buco
BeefCS Texas Style Smoked Brisket with Rub – Superb beef brisket, Texas Style. There is a recipe for the rub here also. [PDF format]


Breakfast [Nov 2010]CS Eggs Florentine with Orange Dill Sauce – A different way to present a low cal Eggs Benedict.


BuffaloCS Grilled Buffalo with Sauce Diane – What a great way to make buffalo. The Sauce Diane is a Classic Sauce. See below. Serve with Roasted Sweet Onions (below).
—–Chicken and Turkey—–
Chicken [Jan 2018]CS Cashew Chicken and Bok Choy – A great way to make a different, and slightly Asian – chicken. Serve it with rice.[PDF]
Chicken [Jan 2018]CS Chicken Cordon Bleu Roll-Ups – Great and easy to do using Cresant Rolls.[PDF]

CS Coq au Vin II

Chicken [French March 2019]CS Coq au Vin II – The classic French chicken dish that is moderately easy to do – it takes some time – but is well worth the effort! A re-make, and one straight from The Captain’s Shack, that is well worth it. Different from the recipe below. [PDF]
Chicken [French May 2016]CS Coq au Vin (Chicken in Wine) – The classic French chicken dish that is moderately easy to do – it takes some time – but is well worth the effort! [PDF].

Chicken Florentine

Chicken [Italian April 2020]CS Chicken Florentine (Chicken in Wine) – A superb Italian dish that is rich in flavor and in a mushroom cream sauce. Great with a Pinot Noir and served over Angel Hair Pasta. [PDF].
Chicken [Traditional – April 2018]CS Chicken Marsala – This version is absolutely wonderful. Inspired by Chef Michael Symon. Great and a very traditional herbal chicken dish. One of my favorite chicken entrees. Delicious sauce! [PDF format]
Chicken [Italian – July 20119]CS Cheesy Italian Chicken – Great Italian chicken. Delicious way to prepare chicken. Great with our CS Italian Seasoning. [PDF format]

Cheesy Italian Chicken

Chicken [Italian – May 2014]Chicken Piccata – Great Italian chicken. Delicious sauce! [PDF format]
Chicken [June 2015]CS Fried Chicken – Great Southern style fried chicken. Think Sunday dinner. Delicious! [PDF format]
Chicken [Greek – March 2016]CS Roasted Chicken with Avgolemono Sauce – Awesome roasted chicken for any special dinner or Sunday dinner. Chef Michael Symon wrote the original recipe. [PDF]

Chicken Fricassee

Chicken [Oct 2019]CS Chicken Fricassee – Super good and different French style chicken that has a topping of an awesome sauce. An easy one-pot meal.[PDF]
Chicken [January 2018]CS Guacamole Chicken Melt – Super good and different Mexican style chicken that has a topping of house made guacamole. Both are super easy to do. Recipe for both. [PDF]

Grilled Chicken Adobo

Chicken [May 2019]CS Grilled Chicken Adobo – Super good and different Mexican style chicken. This is really easy to do, but does have some time to marinade. We love it! [PDF]

Chicken Schnitzel

Chicken [German – Sept 2017]CS Chicken Schnitzel – A traditional German style chicken dish that goes well mashed garlic potatoes. This is an intriguing chicken recipe from the. You can also do a pork schnitzel using the same procedure. [PDF]

Römertopf Chicken with Sherry

Chicken [April 2016]CS Grilled Spatchcock Chicken with Blood Orange – A great grilled chicken recipe. Spatchcocking a chicken is actually to butterfly the chicken – remove the backbone. Easy to do and delicious. [PDF format]
Chicken [Oct 2017]CS Ja Makin Chicken – A modified non-spicy Jamaican chicken that is done in an oven. Really easy to do. [PDF format]

CS Fried Chicken

Chicken [Nov 2019]CS Fried Chicken – An awesome Southern style fried chicken. Crispy and moist. We use thighs. Really easy to do. [PDF format]
Chicken [Nov 2016]CS Spatchcock Roasted Chicken with Carrots and Parsnips – A great roasted chicken recipe – One of the best I have every eaten. Spatchcocking a chicken is actually to butterfly the chicken – remove the backbone. Easy to do and delicious. [PDF format]
Chicken [Mediterranean – Sept 2011]Tagine of Chicken – Great chicken recipe with a rich and delicious Mediterranean style sauce.

Chicken [Feb 2019]CS Pollo in Potacchio (Italian Chicken) – A super good Italian chicken that is not hard to do. Well worth the effort. [PDF format]


Duck [October 2015]CS Canard  l’Orange – Duck in orange sauce.

5 Hour Duck

Duck [October 2015]CS 5-Hour Crispy Roasted Duck – A wonderful way to prepare duck. Crispy skin. Very low amount of grease, but still very moist. Great with a Petit Verdot. [PDF format]




Lamb [March 2019] – CS Grilled Boneless Leg of Lamb with Balsamic Syrup – There are many very good grilled lamb recipes available. But this is by far one of the best ever we have made or eaten. Superb juiciness and flavors! Give it a try. [PDF]
Lamb [March 2018] – CS Lamb with Port Wine Sauce – There are many very good lamb roast recipes “out there”. But this is by far one of the best ever we have made or eaten. Superb juiciness and flavors! [PDF]

Irish Shepherd’s Pie

Lamb [April 2020] – CS Easter Lamb with Herb-Crumb Crust – This is an awesome Easter boneless leg of lamb, or AnyTime Lamb. Great herbal rub and crust made from sourdough bread. Serve with a green salad and pureed turnip (Swede) and heirloom carrot. [PDF]
Lamb [March 2018] – CS Irish Shepherd’s Pie – There are several ways to make a Shepherd’s Pie. This is but one of them and it is good! Serve with a Basque Red or Pinot Noir. [PDF]

Lamb Shepherd’s Pie

Lamb [March 2018] – CS Lamb Shepherd’s Pie – This is truly a superb Shepherd’s Pie. Serve with a Basque Red or Merlot. [PDF]
Lamb – Greek [March 2016] – CS Moussaka – A very traditional Greek dish made with ground lamb and eggplant. [PDF]
LambCS Lamb Shank Osso Buco – If you like a slow cooked and a very tender meal, here is one you’ll love!

Easter Boneless Leg of Lamb

Lamb [February 2018] – CS Leg of Lamb with Garlic and Rosemary – Such a great recipe for lamb. Absolutely delicious with a great red wine reduction sauce. [PDF]
Lamb [Jan 2017] – CS Lamb With Peppers Ragu – Slow cooked in a cast iron pot. Super good and not a strong pepper taste. Good with a Merlot or Malbec. Served over steamed Jasmine rice.
Lamb [March 2017] – CS Salisbury Lamb – A great variation to Salisbury Steak made with beef. Add some boiled beets and some cauliflower and you’ve got a great meal. [PDF format]

Lamb Stew

Lamb [Nov 2020] – CS Lamb Stew – A super lamb stew full of vegetables – carrots, celery and onion – and a hint of red wine. A hearty lamb stew, that, if you want to, you could substitute beef. But I don’t know why you would do that. [PDF]


Pasta [Italian April 2016]CS Lasagna – A very good pasta. A superb and big dinner. All made from scratch. It takes some time, but well worth it. [PDF format]
Pasta [Italian Jan 2015]CS Pasta – A very good pasta. I do not use All-Purpose flour as in the recipe, but rather semolina. I don’t use straight olive oil either, but rather garlic infused olive oil. This is a basic recipe. Adapt it to fit your need. [PDF format]
Pasta [Italian August 2015]CS Shrimp and Scallop Pasta – A very good pasta. Made a modified Bechamel with coconut milk to pour over the pasta. Wonderful!! [PDF format]

Tuscan Butter Mushrooms

Pasta [Italian/Tuscan July 2019]CS Tuscan Butter Mushrooms – A superb Tuscan dish. It can stand alone as a side or over pasta. Wonderful!! [PDF format]


Pork [German Mar 2018]CS German Skillet Pork Chops – Such a super way to make thick cut, bone-in pork chops. A great combination of onion, potatoes and sauerkraut. [PDF format].
Pork [Apr 2016]CS Grilled Margarita Pork Ribs and KC Style Rub – Such a super way to grill pork ribs. There is also a great recipe for KC Style pork rub with this recipe. These ribs may also make a great Gameday or Tailgate treat. [PDF format].
Pork [Apr 2016]CS Holiday Ham – A good way to prepare ham. The original recipe came from Chef Michael Symon. We have changed it tom use a picnic ham. Chef Symon uses a ham steak. We just had to adjust a little because of the size. We changed the ham to a Shank Portion Smoked Ham, about 11 lbs. A good Easter meal. [PDF format].
Pork Seasonings – [June 2020] CS Pork Rub – A classic pork seasoning blend of herbs to create the perfect spice blend for a variety of pork dishes. Especially good on pork tenderloin or thick cut pork chops. [PDF]
Pork [January 2018] CS Indian Spiced Pork Roast with Rosemary and Onion – An awesome and different way to serve a pork roast. Very mild Indian flavors. A real favorite! [PDF]
PorkCS Orange Mojo Pork Tenderloin – An awesome and different way to serve pork tenderloin! It takes a little time and pre-planning, but well worth it. [PDF Format]



RabbitCS Braised Rabbit with Valpolicella – If you like rabbit, here is a very country-style rabbit. Serve it in the pot!
Rabbit – CS Rabbit In Mustard Sauce (Lapin a la Moutarde) – A very French creation. The sauce would also be great on Pork Chops.


Seafood [April 2016]CS Asian Grilled Salmon – A wonderful way to prepare salmon fillets. Slightly sweet, a little mustardy and super soy – use a good one! Serve with Creamed Mushrooms and Steamed Asparagus. [PDF]

Coquilles St Jacques

SeafoodCS Coquilles St Jacques (Scallops with Mushrooms) – This is a delightful scallop dinner. Rich enough for 1 helping, 1 person. It takes a little time to prepare but well worth the effort. It’s a Date Night Dinner! [PDF format]
Seafood [Aug 2019]CS Cognac Shrimp – This is an awesome dish! Great with the braised baby carrots and baby squash that is included in the recipe as a side dish. [PDF format]

CS Crab Cakes

SeafoodCS Crab Cakes – These are delightful! Great with the Horseradish Cream Sauce that is included in the recipe. Just remember to chill these down before cooking. [PDF format]
SeafoodCS Fish and Shellfish Chowder – This is by far one of the best chowders we have had in many years!
SeafoodCS Idaho Crab Cakes – This is a delightful change from fried seafood. Broil then bake these crab cakes in muffin tins. They keep their shape and cook very well.

Lump Crab Cakes with Tartar Sauce

Seafood [Aug 2019]CS Lump Crab Cakes – These are delightful! Great with the Tartar Sauce that is included with the recipe. Just remember to chill these down before cooking. These crab cakes are low in filler and high in crab. Blue Crab is best here! These are cooked in the Air Fryer. [PDF format]

Poached Idaho Trout A La Nage

Seafood [July 2017]CS Poached Idaho Trout A La Nage – A delightful way to prepare and serve fresh Idaho Trout. Prep takes longer than cooking. This is Delicious! {PDF Format}


—-Vegetable – Main Dish——
Vegetable Main Dish [August 2015]CS Ratatouille – A very traditional French dish using all fresh and local vegetables. An awesome dinner. [PDF]
Vegetable Main Dish [Sept 2017]CS Robin’s Chilles Rellenos – These are by far the best chilli rellenos that I have had. Try them and let us know what you think. [PDF]
Vegetable Main Dish – CS Potato Latkes – This dish will really surprise you. Potato Latkes are a traditional Jewish dish served at Hanukkah.


Side Dishes

Danish Aebleskivers and Scrambled Eggs

Side Dish [Jan 2020] – CS Danish Aebleskivers – A super good treat from an old Danish recipe. Usually served around Christmas, but a great treat any time of year. Great with fruit jam. Leftover batter? Make some huckleberry waffles. [PDF Format]
Side Dish [June 2016] – CS Baked Beans – A better mixture of some commercial baked beans – Bush’s – and some black beans, from The Captain’s Shack. Great with grilled foods like BBQ Skirt Steak and other grilled foods. [PDF Format]
Side DishCS Balsamic Glazed Brussels Sprouts – A great variation on Brussels Sprouts. Sweet and that “cabbage” smell/taste is gone. We do like these sprouts done this way. [PDF Format]

Corn Pie

Side Dish [July 2018] – CS Corn Pie – A family favorite in the late summer. Serve with sliced fresh tomatoes and you have a full meal! [PDF]
Side Dish – [Sept 2016] CS Idaho Rosemary Polenta – Think of polenta as very fine grits. It goes with almost anything and is easy to prepare. We eat a lot of polenta from Next Generation Organics, Homedale, ID. Delicious! [PDF format]
Side DishCS Mango Salsa – This is a great fruit salsa that Robin makes. Great with seafood or center cut, bone in pork chops. [PDF Format]
Side Dish – [Sept 2016] CS Pig Candy Baked Beans – “Pig Candy”. Love the name. It’s Bacon and anything with bacon is supposed to be eaten. These are super baked beans. Delicious! [PDF format]
Side Dish – [Oct 2016] CS Sauerkraut – Great homemade sauerkraut. Great with pork – Pork mit Kraut – or on sandwiches or straight from the jar. Delicious! [PDF format]
Side Dish – [Oct 2018] CS Spanish Rice – Great homemade Spanish Rice. Great with pork or Mexican dishes. Delicious! [PDF format]



Bread CS Boise Sourdough Bread – A good sourdough bread started in Boise, Idaho.
BreadCS Challah – A Jewish braided celebration bread.
BreadCheddar Soda Bread – This is a great twist to the standard Irish Soda Bread.
BreadCS Dilly Casserole Bread – One of Robin’s family favorite breads.

Robin’s Dilly Bread

Bread [2017] – CS Robins Dilly Bread – One of Robin’s family favorite breads. Great at Thanksgiving. [PDF]
Bread [2017] – CS Guatemalan Corn Bread – One of Robin’s favorite corn bread recipes. [PDF Format]
BreadRustic Sourdough – A good hearty sourdough bread.
BreadCS Rye Bread with Beer and Orange – A super, good and hearty dark bread. Recipe submitted by Gail McClellan Parker.


DessertCS Chez Pannise Almond Tarte – If you like a wonderful almond taste, you’ll love this tarte. Use the French Tarte Dough recipe with this.
DessertCS Dockside’s Peanut Butter Pie – For peanut butter lovers only! The original recipe from the Dockside Yacht Club, South Chesapeake City, MD. This pie is awesome and so easy to make. No cooking!
DessertCS Fasnachts Berliner – Such a great Pennsylvania Dutch Shrove Tuesday treat! A real family favorite and treat.
DessertCS Falcon Fan’s Chocolate Birthday Cake – This is an awesome ganache and chocolate cake that Robin makes for Margaret Gunnell (Falcon Fan). There’s another story there but Maggie will have to tell you. Enjoy the cake! [PDF Format]
DessertCS Skillet Apple Pie – A wonderful variation on the Great American Apple Pie. This is so very easy and Robin says the best apple pie she has ever had. Adapted from Trisha Yearwood. [PDF Format]



Robin’s Gumbo

Gumbo – [Sept 2010] CS Robin’s 70th Birthday Gumbo This is an awesome gumbo recipe that can be scaled. You must try this! [PDF Format]
BBQ Rub – [Aug 2014] CS Basic BBQ Rub – This is a very versatile BBQ rub. It only has 4 ingredients, but will make a grilled or smoked pork product awesome. [PDF format]
BBQ Rub – [April 2016] CS Captain’s Shack KC Style Rub – This is a very versatile BBQ rub. Will make a grilled or smoked pork product awesome. [PDF format]
BBQ Rub – [April 2016] CS Captain’s Shack Memphis Rub – This is a very versatile BBQ rub in the Memphis Style. Will make a grilled or smoked beef or chicken product awesome. [PDF format]
BBQ Rub – [April 2016] CS Captain’s Shack Montreal Rub – This is a very versatile BBQ rub in the familiar Montreal Style. Will make a grilled or smoked beef or chicken product awesome. [PDF format]
BBQ Sauce – [July 2015] CS BBQ Sauce Base – This is the recipe to start with for making your own BBQ sauce. Simple and exquisite. I have extended this one to make a Bourbon BBQ Sauce, but you don’t need to go that far. Make your own adjustments and add your own unique ingredients. [PDF]
BBQ Sauce – [Aug 2014] CS BBQ Sauce for Chicken or Beef – Really a Classic BBQ Sauce. This is great with chicken and probably beef and maybe pork. So easy to make.


Grilling – [June 2017] CS – KC Spare Ribs – Really a Classic Pork Rib BBQ. There is a sauce and a rub with the recipe. These were soooooo good on Memorial Day! Really a great picnic/party dish.


Relish – [Sept 2015] CS Green Tomato Relish Very much of a family recipe. My Mother, Scottish, would save and use the “end of season” green tomatoes for this one. Instead of unripe, green tomatoes, if I can find some, I have used Green Zebra tomatoes – an heirloom tomato. [PDF]

Robin’s Orange Cranberry

Relish – [Nov 2016] CS Robin’s Cranberry Orange RelishA real Idaho Family favorite around Thanksgiving and Christmas. This goes extremely well with turkey – make enough so you have some on sandwiches – and chicken. [PDF]


—–Ethnic Sauces and Other Seasonings—–
Sauce – [Jan 2015] Bolognese Sauce – One of the Classic Italian sauces. This is great with pasta and a variety of pastas. There are as many bolognese sauces as there are beef stews. Everyone has their own. [PDF]
Sauce – [Sept 2016] CS Marinara Sauce – One of the Classic Italian sauces. This is great with spaghetti and a variety of pastas. A Captain’s Shack favorite. [PDF]
Greek Seasonings – [July 2019] CS Greek Spice Mix – A classic Greek blend of spices to create the perfect blend for a variety of dishes. [PDF]
German Seasonings – [July 2019] CS German Seasoning Blend – A classic German blend of herbs to create the perfect spice blend for a variety of dishes. [PDF]
German Seasonings – [August 2019] CS German Mustard Sauce – A classic German sauce for a variety of dishes. [PDF]
Italian Seasonings – [July 2019] CS Italian Seasoning Blend – A classic Italian blend of herbs to create the perfect spice blend for a variety of dishes. [PDF]
Pork Seasonings – [June 2020] CS Pork Rub – A classic pork seasoning blend of herbs to create the perfect spice blend for a variety of pork dishes. Especially good on pork tenderloin or thick cut pork chops. [PDF]

CS Tartar Sauce and Crab Cakes

Asian Seasonings – [Nov 2019] CS Teriyaki Sauce – A classic Asian spice blend for a variety of dishes. Great marinade for AirFryer salmon. [PDF]
Sauce – [Jan 2020]CS Tartar Sauce – A super good tartar sauce to use with shrimp, crab cakes, fish sticks, fish and even roasted vegetables. [PDF format]


—-Classic and Mother Sauces——
Sauce – [Dec 2015] CS Sauce Béarnaise II – One of the Classic French Sauces. Same sauce as above, only done in a blender. This is great with beef, lamb or asparagus, especially a grilled steak. [PDF format]
Sauce – CS Sauce Beurre Blanc – One of the Classic French Sauces. This is great with halibut, or any mild white fish, or asparagus. Original cooking style. [PDF format]
Sauce – CS Sauce Hollandaise – One of the Classic French Mother Sauces. A very Easy Blender Hollandaise sauce. This is great with asparagus and with Eggs Benedict. So easy to make. [PDF Format]
Sauce – [Sept 2016] CS Sauce Gribiche – One of the Classic French Sauces. CS Sauce Gribiche is similar to an aioli or a mayonnaise sauce with chopped hard-cooked eggs, capers, pickles and herbs. It is also terrific over meat or fish or even potatoes! You can substitute 1/2 cup mayonnaise (or to taste) instead of making your own. Taste and add mustard and/or vinegar, if desired. [PDF]
Sauce – CS Sauce Montmorency – One of the Classic French sauces. This is great with Duck, Chicken or Bone-In Pork Chops. [PDF format]
Sauce – [Mar 2019] CS Roasted Orange Garlic Mayonnaise – A great sauce to use with Ahi Tuna Steaks or other firm seafood. [PDF format]
Sauce – CS Puttanesca – One of the Classic Tuscan Sauces. This is the very basic recipe. It makes a wonderful Pasta di Gamberetti Puttanesca. [PDF format]