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We had two awesome dinners over the weekend. Grilled Lamb Chops marinated in fresh rosemary, fresh mint and fresh oregano, olive oil and salt and pepper. (That’s pretty much our standard marinade for lamb chops!) They were awesome. And then we made a bruschetta with an avocado and garlic spread. (The bruschetta was toasted Acme Bake Shop Red Wheat bread) Mash two cloves of garlic and mix with 1/2 avocado mashed. This makes a great tapas selection. Served that with a wonderful bowl of Coconut Shrimp Soup. Great dinners! Here, look at the photos. Enjoy!

Avocado and Garlic Bruschetta Green Salad Shrimp Soup

Avocado and Garlic Bruschetta

Fresh Green Salad

Coconut Shrimp Soup

Grilled Marinated Lamb Chop Cauliflower and Broccoli with Special Hollandaise Fresh Green Salad

Grilled Marinated Lamb Chop

Steamed Cauliflower and Broccoli
special hollandaise sauce

Fresh Green Salad