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12Mar2013_1_Buzz-Italian-Wines_Montepulciano_HDR-DetailAnother great wine dinner at the Buzz on March 12, Tuesday, and then repeated on March 13, Wednesday. Italian Wine Dinner and some scrumptious entrees along with the wines. The wine pictured here, 2010 Montepulciano Cantina was but one of the selections for the event. This wine went very well with the light spice of the Italian Sausage Soup. It countered, without over powering, the soup. Great paring! I score this an [18] out of [20]. And Paul presented one awesome Merlot before the party started. A 2010 Luna Merlot from the North Coast. 14.1% alcohol. [19] $16.00. I went back for more! Here are the other entrees and the wines. Enjoy!! (Left-Click to see an enlarged view.)

Antipasto Platter
NV Zonin Proseco
11% alc. not my favorite wine.
[16] $16.00

Italian Sausage Soup
2010 Montepulciano Cantina
13.0% alc. one of the best for the night [18] $16.00

Skillet Braised Chicken Bundle
2008 Monrosso Chianti
13.5% alc. really good with this entree [18] $17.00

Caesar Salad
2011 Altanuta Pinot Grigo
12.5% alc. I missed the anchovy in the salad dressing. wine went well with the salad [17] $20.00

NV Moscato Primo Amore
7.0% alc. super with this chocolate dessert. [18] $11.00