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08Mar2013_1a_Fish-And-Shellfish-Chowder_BestHere is one very awesome seafood chowder. And if you are familiar with Tom’s Cove Clam Chowder, the very best ever from the Ocean City, New Jersey area, then you may know what this chowder is like. This chowder, is smooth and creamy with an awesome goût de la mer, taste of the sea. Absolutely, without a doubt, worth the time that it takes to make this. With the prep and everything, count on about 1 1/2 hours. Click the link for Fish and Shellfish Chowder and enjoy a great meal. Here in Boise, we got our fresh seafood from our favorite fish store, Reel Foods, now on Capital Blvd across from the City Library. Enjoy this meal in a bowl!