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Sun-Valley-Mustard-Logo-LargeWe don’t normally write about a specific product on this blog, but here is one exception. Sun Valley Mustard is an awesome product and well worth the money spent. It is produced right here in Idaho. Sun Valley, Idaho to be exact. This mustard has several different variations. Some sweet. Some spicy. Some so very smooth. Some varieties are: Spicy Sweet, Chardonnay, Amber Ale, Sweet Garlic, Dill Mustard and Hot Jalapeno. These are good with fish, beef, lamb, pork, white meat, sausage meats, dips, sauces, dressings and corned beef to name but a few. There is a more specific listing in the article, linked below. Here is an excerpt of that article.

Gourmet favorite Sun Valley Mustard wins Silver and Gold Medals at the 2012 World-Wide Mustard

Sun Valley Mustard has won multiple national awards, in blind taste tests judged by specialty food industry experts, chefs and others. They include 1st place, Chili Mustard division for Hot Jalapeno; 1st place, Spirit-based division for Chardonnay; and 1st place, beer division for Amber Ale, from Food Distributor Magazine. Several flavors have also won prizes at the Napa Valley Mustard Festival worldwide competition. Most recently, Sun Valley won a Silver Medal for its signature flavor, Spicy-Sweet and a Gold Medal for its Labels and Packaging at the 2012 World-Wide Mustard Competition. Over 300 mustard brands entered. Sun Valley Mustard is owned by Josh Wells of Ketchum, Idaho and a group of investors. “We couldn’t be more thrilled,” Wells said. “Spicy-Sweet is the original Sun Valley Mustard and in our 28 year history, its never won an award.” (Sun Valley’s other flavors are multiple award winners). “And we’re really proud of our new label. We re-designed it to include an iconic image of Bald Mountain, Sun Valley’s main ski hill, and differentiated our flavors with bright, contrasting backgrounds. The judges loved it!

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Here is the rest of the article on Sun Valley Mustard. There are recipes in this article, too. Along with the complete list of the mustard winners and you can read the labels to see the ingredients. A really good and complete article. An interesting read! Cheers and enjoy!