The time really has come. We are supposed to stay “self quarantined” and restrict our travels and public “contact”. Robin and I try to practice this and, I think, we are succeeding. With that in mind, think about creating a “Victory Garden”. We have no grass to mow in the front yard – it is mostly herbs and flowers. More herbs than flowers. And I have some pots going in flowers, Pansies right now, but there will be more and a pot of micro greens. You really can grow squash or zucchini or tomatoes or cucumbers or beans and the list goes on and on. Use your imagination. And then grow it. It will help to keep you home and away from the store and the crowds. Here is some information on growing edible flowers and some suggestions. You can print these out for your use. Left Click the graphic and then CTRL+P to print. (Zucchini and squash flowers can be picked and stuffed.)

Some edible Flowers

Spinach and Rainbow Chard for pots is a good idea. Healthy too!

Here are some things we have made with edible flowers and vegetables grown in pots.

German Potato Salad with Pansy and Nasturtium

Cheesy Chicken with Salad and Edible Flowers

Buffalo and Garden Potted Vegetables