BFM (Boise Farmers Market) will not start up for a while, but there are some “Pop-Up” markets in the area. One such market is ar Lark and Larder at 233 N Orchard St., Boise. (208) 629-3811.
lark – noun, a merry, carefree adventure; frolic; escapade
larder – noun, a place where food is kept; pantry
Lark & Larder is a neighborhood market offering local and regional products from farmers, producers, artists and makers.” [Lark and Larder] (I always wondered where that name came from.)
Anyway, here are some photos from my visit today.

Front door

Fresh Spinach

Baby Turnips

Spinach and Rainbow Chard Sets

Spring Salad. Greens all from the Pop-Up today!