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Brown-Trout-2I found some what looks like some good Idaho – Hagerman to be exact – trout. Yes, I know, it’s farm raised, but still excellent trout. Did you know that 98% of the trout that you buy in the US, whether it be in a restaurant or in a grocery store or fish store is trout from Idaho? That’s a very high percentage! Tonight I think I will make a Truite au four en Papillote, Trout Baked in Foil is the direct translation but I will use parchment. Stuff the trout with some very fresh Lemon Thyme from the garden and some lemon slices, salt and pepper and a Pinot Grigio to baste. Sounds yummy!

Note: 09 July 2016 – I had a question from a reader from Georgia asking where they might buy some fresh Idaho t6rout and have it shipped to them. Here is a reply that I made to her. “Hi Nona – Thanks for the question. One source for fresh Idaho trout is http://www.clearsprings.com/consumer/products/trout/clear-cuts/. Another source may be Hagemann Ranch Trout Farm (Google it for website) and they are in Bodega Bay, CA. A lot of the restaurants in the area use them, but they do sell to individuals. I will continue to look for you. Enjoy the trout!”