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15_Turkey_Fryer_Safety_TipsI want to thank our StateFarm insurance agent, who we have had for many years, Jay Stevenor, BUS: (208) 344-6900, for sending us this article on frying turkeys this Thanksgiving. Jay Stevenor Agency. As the TV program said, “Let’s be careful out there!”
The article from the StateFarm Learning Center, starts out by saying, “It’s hard to beat the speed of deep-frying a turkey—or the irresistible flavor and juiciness that result. But turkey fryers have the potential to cause fire and serious injury, which is why organizations like Underwriters Laboratories and the National Fire Protection Association advise against using them.” There are some really simple, yet totally necessary safety rules that one must follow while deep frying a turkey. One suggestion is that you don’t use the deep fryer on a back porch, in a garage or in the kitchen. Keep listening to your local news and I bet you will hear where some one was severely burned or where a house burned down because someone did not follow these rules. You can read the rest of the article at 15 Turkey Fryer Safety Tips from the StateFarm Learning Center. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Gobble gobble!!