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Sunday, Oct 21, found us at another fantastic Quarterly Wine Dinner at the Buzz in Boise.Great event and great food and wines. Look at what we had and sorry if you missed this. Be sure to Left-Click for a larger view of the photos.  And as a matter of record, Christi will not tell you the cost of these wines before the end of the evening. She wants you, and rightly so, to judge the wine on its attributes and not on  the cost of the wine. Cheers!

Trio Bacon Potatoes
Butternut Squash Spread
Fried Mac and Cheese
2010 Toad Hollow Unoaked Chardonnay
13.9% alc. best with the Mac and Cheese [18] $14
2010 Barnard and Griffin Fume Blanc
12.8% alc best with the butternut squash [17] $12

Three Bean Salad
(I don’t normally like 3 bean salad, but this was awesome!)
2009 Blacksmith Syrah
14.4% alc hot! salad came through this wine. good food pairing [18] $16
2011 Alamos Red Blend
13.5% alc 50% Malbec, 25% Tempranillo, 25% Bernado great with the mushrooms in the salad [18] $13

Cream of Chipotle and Carrot Soup
(Great soup!)
2011 Tranche Rosé
12.9% alc Walla Walla great pairing with the spicy soup [19] $19
2007 Amador Foothill Red Blend
14.4% alc Grenache and Syrah blend in the Rhone style [18] $19

Pork Tenderloin
Whiskey Glazed Sweet Potatoes
Jalapeno Cornbread
(A superb main course!)
2009 Barton and Guestier Red Blend
13.5% alc [19] $13
2010 Tabali Pinot Noir 
13.5% alc both of these wines were an excellent selection with this entrée [19] $20

Pistachio Tea Cake
Panna Cotas
(What a great way to end a superb dinner!)
2010 Mothers Milk Shiraz
14.5% alc best to open this one 24 hours before serving [19] $25
2010 Cameron Hughes Zinfandel
15% alc a little “hot” for the delicacy of this dessert; still a good Zin, though [18] $16

So there you have our great dinner and adventure at the Buzz. An awesome dinner as usual with some really excellent wines. If you missed this one, maybe we’ll see you at the next Quarterly Dinner or maybe at the monthly Wine Dinner. Cheers!

And then on Monday morning – Meatless Monday Morning – we went to Le Café de Paris to meet a friend of us from Homedale, Gina. There we had breakfast. Some great toast and jam, but no pastries! That’s almost a Cardinal Sin. Almost. Gina bought several and took them back to Homedale with her. But here is what we had for breakfast and it was good. Enjoy!

Robin had this really delicious looking
Fried Egg Croissant
Fresh Fruit Bowl

I had an excellent
asparagus, Gruyère cheese, mushrooms
Fried Potatoes with Green Onion

So, as you can see, we ate our way through the weekend. Oh. I didn’t tell you? For the homecoming game at BSU (they beat UNLV, 32-7) we had a great meatloaf. See Comfort Food at Halftime on this blog. Super weekend. It’s salad tonight. Cheers!