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Last week, Robin and I took a little sojourn to Mundo, Idaho to check the camping out. It was good. And the onsite Mundo Bistro, run by the daughter of the owner’s, was excellent! (It’s a family business.) Owner Becky Nolan was kind enough to chat with us for a while and the subject turned to bacon. She said that she really likes Daily’s Brand Bacon and uses it at the Bistro. Robin and I have always liked and used Falls Brand Bacon. I have finally decided that the brand and the thickness of the slices is a very personal “thing”. I found some Daily’s Bacon at the local Albertson’s. Here is a copy of an email I sent to Becky about Daily’s Bacon and Falls Brand Bacon.

I found Daily’s bacon at Albertson’s at 16th and State in Boise. A little, but not much, cheaper than Falls Brand, which is made in Twin Falls.
Daily’s is made in Missoula, MT and it is a division of Seaboard Foods. Daily’s (http://www.dailysmeats.com/) – Serving size – 2 slices. Sodium/serving – 500mg. Cholesterol/serving – 10mg.
Falls Brand
 is made in Twin Falls, ID (http://www.independentmeat.com/falls-brand/bacon/), a division of Independent Meats – Serving size – 1 slice. Sodium/serving – 190mg. Cholesterol/serving – 10mg
That is probably more than you ever wanted to know.

But I do believe it is in the taste and both Robin and I agree that the Falls Brand, is a little more “tasty” and has a little more “smokey” taste. Daily’s will probably be a good backup if Falls Brand is not available.