So what is Kiffle Kulture?
From Living Here In Allentown, we find that Kiffle Kulture is:

… the kiffle is ubiquitous around homes in the Lehigh Valley and can even be found in local supermarkets depending on the time of year. However, the kiffle is not traditional to the Pa. Dutch nor was it traditional to the Palatine on the Rhine region of Germany from which the Pa. Dutch emigrated. In fact, the kiffle’s roots are much further East in the Austro-Hungarian empire. It was brought to the Lehigh Valley by eastern-European and Slavic immigrants around the turn of the twentieth century.
I don’t know too much about the food-history of the kiffle. I can’t even find an etymology of the word in Hungarian, English, or German. They are a simple pastry made from flour, eggs, butter, and cream cheese. Unfortunately, they have to be homemade if you want top quality. Kiffles bought from the store taste flat and dull to me. (They are also quite expensive and not worth the money). Additionally, I am told that there is only one commercial baker in the Lehigh Valley who supplies all other retail markets so it is unlikely that quality in the retail kiffle market is going to rise anytime soon.

The link above will take you to the recipe and more information on this dessert. Have fun with this recipe and the blog page from Allentown, PA. (The photo is from that blog.) Thanks John Jay for sharing this information. Cheers!