Another good Wine Club Dinner at the Buzz in Boise! The theme was Wine In The Media or Media in the Wine. In her opening comments, Cristi stated that, “In this age of information we are exposed to a variety of sources for our information. We must determine who and what to relate to or we will go into information overload … Over the next twelve months we will discuss different media formats for wine reviews and suggestions. You will hopefully find avenues of information that are helpful and those [avenues] to take with a grain of salt.” Tonight, Cristi choose to explore the reviewing of Natalie McClain, wine critic, writer, TV personality and critic from Canada. You can see her web site at Nat Decants. This site is well worth a look/see. Interesting information that may help you in your next wine selection. Once again, the ratings of the wines that we had are based on a top score of [20]. Cheers!

Cece Fritos and Vegetable Masala Fritters

2009 La Sefreta
13.0% alc, good color depth with a clean and fresh nose. [16]

Chop Chop Salad

2010 Essence Riesling Mosel
10% alc, bright color and a great clean and fruity nose. good sweetness [17]

Four Grain Tomato Soup

2010 KMV Pinotage (South Africa)
14% alc, great color, great balance of tannin and acid. great paring with the soup [18]

Italian Meatloaf
Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Peas and Leeks
Roasted Green Beans

2007 Molines Cabernet Sauvignon (France)
14% alc, good color but light on the general appeal. good tannin/acid balance, though. [16]

Hot/Hot Chocolate Cake Floating Islands

2010 Morse Code Shiraz (Australia)
14.5% alc, another great paring with the dessert. good sweetness and body.[18]

So there you have our dinner and wine parings. Where else can you get a plated dinner like this, seven wines (Cristi had two to share before the party started), and such great company for $15.00 per person!!! And my favorites for the evening? The 2010 Morse Code Shiraz (Australia) with the Hot/Hot Chocolate Cake Floating Islands and the 2010 KMV Pinotage (South Africa) with the Four Grain Tomato Soup. Cheers!