And that it was at Flying Pizza Pizzaria on State Street in Boise. Margaret and Robin standing below the Flying Pie Pizzaria sign that announces her day! Even though it was rainning, 0.19″ per hour, it was a great party and we thank Flying Pie Pizzaria for the opportunity to make Robin’s Special Pizza. But here, look at the photos and see the fun all of us had. And when you are in Boise, stop in at Flying Pie Pizzaria for a pizza, salad and fantastic beer!

Here is Robin – my Robin – getting her instructions on what is going to happen.

But then there was more than one Robin who arrived for “Their Day“. Actually, there were four Robins that showed up. How great!!

Then there is always the prep work to making any dinner or pizza or whatever.

Fondle the pizza dough!

Throw the pizza to get the most stretch in the dough.

Putting the goodies on the pizza!

Marine and Robin. Robin’s pizza is in the center.

Jalapeno pizza!

Marnie, Robin and Maddy!

Margaret, Chris’ friend Nate, Chris, Marnie, Robin and Maddy.

Marnie and Mac.


Bob and Margaret

Robin, Bob and O Holy Night brew!

The Nectar of the Gods!

Yes it was an exciting afternoon. Great family, great friends, great beer and great pizza! Thank-You all!