From Sue Zimmerman:

In response to the comment about very little meat & alot of bone, the following day I was informed by the server that that particular customer was unhappy w/their curried goat meal. I spoke w/my chef who prepared that dish & he indicated that there were 3 large chunks of meat, as well as bones & sauce & meat on that dish. The goat that we use is baby goat (under 6 mos. of age) & the meat is very tender, that’s the good part. Unfortunately, because of the tenderness of the meat, the meat has a tendency to fall off the bone & disintegrate into the sauce when it’s kept warm for any length of time in the steam table. This is currently a problem as we are not “busy enough” to sell out of the goat on a daily basis. I have spoken w/the chefs in regard to this problem & from this point forward, until business picks up, we will prepare the goat to order.

In response to the “alot of bones” comment, again this is because the meat has a tendency to fall off the bone, & the goat is cut into small chunks. Here at Sweetwater’s we prepare our meals as “authentic” as possible; the Trinidadian curried goat is always prepared with bones (as in Trinidad & other Caribbean islands), which is not only authentic, but lends a tremendous amount of flavor to the dish. There will be bones in the curry, no doubt, but there should be more meat than bone, & the customer should never leave feeling unsatisfied.

Without having served the curried goat myself, I will give the customer the benefit of doubt when they say that there was very little meat in their meal. I only wish they had commented to this fact before they had finished their lunch so we could have remedied the situation. Sweetwater’s & our chefs take pride in the food we prepare & serve; we appreciate any & all feedback our customers have, whether it be positive or negative. While it’s always nice to recieve praise, comments to the contrary allow us to delve into any issues customers may have with the food, service, or otherwise (& of course, correct these issues whenever possible).

I hope this answers any questions you may have about their unfortunate experience at Sweetwater’s on Thursday. We are not perfect, but strive to be! Thanks for the commentary!

Have a nice snowy weekend!


Hope this helps to clear up a misunderstanding. Cheers!