Well, if nothing else, the snow makes for a nice photographic tapestry. Snow has stopped for a while and the temperature is rising. It’s up to 22 now. But that will be about it for a “high”. So, guess we’ll make dinner. And it really was a goooood one!

The Menu (L-R)
Braised Lamp Chops with Juniper Berry Reduction

Carrot Salad with Italian Truffle Oil Dressing

Steamed Tarragon Infused Cauliflower

Jansson’s Temptation

2004 Bitner Vineyards Reserve Idaho Cabernet Sauvignon.

The recipe for the Jansson’s Temptation (actually much like escalloped potatoes but with no cheese) can be found on this blog. And I like these much better than the traditional escalloped potatoes – better flavors! So that’s what Robin and I do on a cold, snowy night. What do you do? Cheers!