I was at the Boise Farmers Market today – yes it was rainning, but not enough to dampen my spirits – and Janie Burns, Meadowlark Farms where I get my eggs, was distributing this flyer. The Local Farmland Program is produced by the Treasure Valley Food Coalition. Tjhis looks like an interesting program in Boise. Even if you are not in the Boise area, there are some wonderful BNB’s and AirBNB’s in the area. Here is the flyer that Janie was distributing.

From the Treasure Valley Food Coalition webpage,

Been There, Done That: Conversations About Farmland Preservation in the Pacific Northwest” Regional Farmland Trust leaders and farmers telling their stories. Guest speakers: Hilary Aten, Conservation Director, PCC Farmland Trust (Seattle, Washington), Kristin Troy, Executive Director, Lemhi Land Trust (Salmon, ID), Two Lemhi County producers, and Julia Freedgood, Asst. Vice President of Programs, American Farmland Trust. Monday, April 10th at 6:00 pm – BSU Yanke Research Park – 220 E. ParkCenter Boulevard – Free Admission