11July2015_1b_BFM_Potatoes-Beets-Radish_BestWow! Travel and Leisure Magazine has us listed in an article in their latest issue! Here is a link to The Article. This article also makes for a good reference when you are traveling. Scroll through the information to see the different states and the superb restaurants.

The Best Farm-to-Table Restaurant in Every State

Idaho: Juniper
A perfect day in Boise isn’t complete without a bike ride on the Ridge to Rivers Trail System, a turn through the Boise Art Museum, and a meal at newcomer Juniper, which has quickly become a favorite for locals like Boise Food Guild blogger Bob Young. Chef Aaron puts Idaho on a pedestal, working closely with local farmers, growers, winemakers, and brewers throughout the Gem State, but it’s the restaurant’s funky personality that continues to dazzle diners. As a locally spirited gastropub, speakeasy, live music hall, and gin joint, Juniper is like one great love story about Idaho that never gets tired of being told. Pop in on any Wednesday to Saturday to try the $48 five-course dinner at the Chef’s Table.