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10May2016_2b_Camino-de-Santiago_Spanish-Countryside_Painted-2As our Son-In-Law Mac and his daughter Sophia slowly make their way along Camino de Santiago in northern Spain and pass by these wonderful “country” homes, we are at The Buzz eating some delightful food and drinking some special wines at the May Wine Dinner, “Holidays in May”. Cristie and her staff, Tommy and Peggy, did another great job. And thank-you Bailey for explaining Lacross to me. One of the best offerings tonight, although I don’t this it paired well with the selected wine, was the Albondiagas Soup – a Mexican meatball soup. And the Teruiyaki Pina Colada Burger with Zuchini Salad and Baked Beans was superb. Wonderful flavors. Here are soime photos from the evening. As a note, I did not get a good photo of the dessert, so yopu won’t see the Cookies and Strawberries. Oops!

Mushrooms and Goatcheese with Oatcakes 2014 Cotes du Rhone 13.0% alc. Great paring with the goat cheese in the salad. [17] $16.00

Mushrooms and Goat Cheese with Oatcakes
2014 Cotes du Rhone


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