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20Mar2015_1c_Garden-Spring-Flowers_Purple-ViolaThere are several – if not many – flowers that you can grow at home and use in your culinary explorations. A Word Of Caution: Make Sure You Know What You Are Eating! Some flowers are toxic! Here is one resource for flowers that are edible from About(dot)com – Edible Flowers. And yes, the pansy pictured here is edible. Below, too, is a photo of some Violas that I planted. Hope this article is informative for you and be sure to printout a copy of the Edible Flower List. And remember – Never use non-edible flowers as a garnish. You must assume that if guests find a flower on a plate of food, they will think it edible. Read these links before you use flowers in you menus. With that in mind, here is a link to Edible Flowers Tips and Hints. Cheers!

Violas  that were just planted. Edible and pretty.

Violas that were just planted. Edible and pretty.