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29Dec2014_1a_Captains-Shack_Buddy_With-TeddyBear_GoodYes! Buddy wishes! (He licked the shell) An awesome dinner tonight and an easy recipe, but it takes a while to prepare. Coquilles St Jacques recipe. There is also a copy of this recipe in the recipe file above. It is simply a Date Night Dinner! Yup! It is that super. Serve it with a 2003 Marquis de Goulaine Muscadet Sevre and Maine (a cook in this castle invented Beurre Blanc – this is under dispute. But then, the French are always disputing something.) – oldest commercial wine produced by the same French family since the year 1000 – and then finish dinner with a glass of San Sebastian (FL) Port. Here are some photos. Enjoy!

Coquilles St Jacques with Steamed Snap Peas

Coquilles St Jacques With Mushrooms
Orange Infused Steamed Snap Peas

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake for Two

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake for Two

Who could ask for anything more?