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BobAndRobin_Nov2009_1_Pizzalchik_PhotoI am starting a new page on this blog called Boise Restaurant Guide – see the header. This page will include restaurants in Boise and the close surrounding area that we have tried. This will not be a rating page, but, out of a 5-Star rating system, these restaurants are at least a 3-Star eatery. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a 3-Star restaurant! Here is a link to the Boise Restaurant Guide. It is meant to inform you of the extremely varied cuisines available in Boise – Food Trucks, Italian, Pizza, Greek, Basque, Baltic, Persian, Asian, Mediterrean, Drive-Ins, Bistros, Brewpubs, Indian, Pakistani and many more.
I love it when people ask us, “Where is a good place to eat in Boise?” My stock answer is, “What do you like?” Boise is that varied for eating. So hopefully, this page will direct people to different restaurants and they will be able to at least find something they like. I might even include Carl’s Jr., McDonald’s, or Jacks. They are all available.
If you have a BNB in Boise, or know of someone that does, this list just might help our Visitors locate a good meal after traveling. Cheers!