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This was really very good. Fun to make and easy. It is a modified version of a traditional puttanesca, but just as good, I think. I will post the recipe in the recipe file later today. But for now, here is the dish. Enjoy!! For dessert, Robin cut up some watermelon and mixed it with some blueberries. Then splashed on some Grand Marnier. It was yummy. There is none left over! Here is The Puttanesca Recipe. You can also find it in the Recipe File as listed above.

Pasta di Gamberetti Puttanesca 2012 Bedrock Winery Ode to Lulu Rose

Pasta di Gamberetti Puttanesca
(Shrimp Pasta Puttanesca)

2012 Bedrock Winery Ode to Lulu Rose

Watermelon and Blueberry Mix
Grand Marnier