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Hake-ProsciuttoThat’s right – Hake. But what is it. I actually thought it was Oriental in nature. Wrong! Hake is a white fish that lives 200 – 300 meters below the surface of most oceans found here on Earth. Pacific Ocean, both the northern and southern oceans, Atlantic Ocean, both the northern and southern oceans, the Mediterrean and Black Seas. Off the coast of the USA, Argentina, Chile and South Africa to name a few. According to the Boston Globe in an article Sunday Super – Hake Goes From Trash Fish to Treasure, Hake has become a very popular seafood. In fact, it has been over-fished off the coast of Argentina. In the October 13, 2010 article, the Globe states that,

Hake, once called “trash fish,” because few people wanted it, may be the last bargain in the seafood case. “Yesterday’s trash fish may be tomorrow’s food fish,” says Mark Szymanski, assistant biologist at the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries. Carl Fantasia of New Deal Fish Market in East Cambridge sees a lot of hake when he goes to buy fish at the wholesale houses. “I recommend it quite often to people who are looking for a white, flaky alternative to cod or halibut,” says Fantasia. Gavin Egbert, seafood coordinator for the North Atlantic Region for Whole Foods Markets, says that hake has not been ranked by the Blue Ocean Institute, a scientific organization that collects data. No one is really certain whether there are sufficient stocks of this locally caught, sweet, white fish so that you can buy it guilt free.

Our supply, bought from Costco, comes from Namibia, South Africa. We are going to make a Coconut Milk Curry Hake with Roasted Couscous and Green Beans tonight. Here is a recipe link printed by the Boston Globe for Hake Wrapped in Prosciutto. The photo here comes from that recipe. Enjoy this “new found” seafood. Cheers!