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Brown Shuga Soul Food ReviewIt is good to see that Yvonne has started a delivery service for her food truck and a constant menu. Here is the latest information from her. Thanks Yvonne. “When in Boise, be sure to stop at Brown Shuga Soul Food Truck at 28 and Fairview. Here is Yvonne’s permanent menu. Enjoy!

Tuesday– Jambalaya 5, Gumbo 5, Red Beans and Rice 5, Collards 3 and Cornbread
Wednesday– Pulled Pork Sandwiches 6, Sweet Potato Souffle’ 3, Mac and cheese 3.5, Cabbage 3,
Thursday– BBQ Ribs 6, Potato Salad 3, Coleslaw 3, Baked Beans 3
Friday– Fried chicken 6, Collard Greens 3, Black eyed peas 3, Sweet potato Soufflé 3, Mac and cheese 3.5
Extras- Potato Chips-1
Drinks- Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite 2.25
Bottled Water 1.5

I am going to go with this every week from now on. So now you will know what is on the menu every day in advance. Use this for the everyday / delivery menu.
For any businesses seeking catering and individual people who would like to order.

There will be a minimum order of $15.00 and the delivery fee will be $4.95. you can call it in@(208) 794-0605 or email it in to brownshugasoulfood@gmail.com. Catering orders have a 24 hour minimum advance notice.