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April Schedule at the BuzzWow! It was great to see a Full House last night. The first in a while. This year, Cristi’s theme for the Wine Club Dinners is “Wines From Around the World” and she started out with the wines from Argentina. Awesome wines. Awesome dinner. Great job, Cristi!! And I would be remiss if I did not mention the coupons that are available for these dinners. It’s like buying 6 dinners and getting one free! Robin and I have the year covered!! A great buy, if you so desire. Just ask Tommy or Cristi for the details.
Below are some photos of the night and the wines we had to accompany the food. A top score is [20]. Enjoy and Cheers!

Faina and Provoleta
(Nutty, peppery flatbread made with chickpea flour.)
2012 Fabre Montmayou Rose
13.0% alc. Great with these appetizers. Best wine of the night. [19] $13.00

(Navy bean and corn soup. Superb.)
2008 Duriguti Bonarda
13.9% alc. Went well with the spiciness of the soup. [18] $14.00

Sorrentinos and Fugazzeta de Verdura
(Round ravioli with ham sauce)
2010 Martino Old Vine Malbec
14.0% alc. Good old vine wine. Smooth and supple  [19] $16.00

Pasta Frola and Torta Negra Galesa
2011 La Yunta Torrontes
12.5% alc. Good with the desserts, but not my favorite. [18] $12.00