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15Dec2012_1_Moms-Chili_In-Pot-CookingToday was the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl here in Boise at the BSU Stadium. So, we needed to have something for our small Tailgate Party. Maybe potatoes? Yes, but with what? How about with my Mom’s Chili Con Carne Modified over a good, baked potato. (The photo to the left is the dish in the crockpot!) Wow! It was great! and it did bring back some memories of her making the chili. I just had to modify it because Robin can not eat sweet green peppers. So I modified Mom’s recipe and used Poblanos that I fire roasted on the grill. And most of this was locally grown: the beef, potatoes, onions and peppers. The tomatoes were not. Here are some photos with the Chili over a fresh Baked Potato. Enjoy!

Here is the chili plated with a Stella and a Belhaven to accompany the dish.

And plated with just a Belhaven. A very creamy smooth and slightly sweet Scottish Ale.