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Actually, Mundo, Idaho is just a little north of Cambridge, Idaho. About 102 miles north of Boise along the Weiser River. A beautiful drive. I had to break-in the brakes and new tires on the motorhome and to see how Buddy reacted to is collapsible, soft kennel. It has a screen type window all around and it is plenty large for him. We put his pillow in it and placed the kennel on the bed in the back, where he could see out 3 windows. I’m not saying that he liked it, but he was calm. Brakes and tires are great!
Mundo – Idaho RV park. Small, but very comfortable. And John and Becky Nolan are very friendly and pleasant. They just opened a Bistro on site and their daughter runs that. Very good food, as you can see below. Fresh, homemade platters. Very tasty. They also have a hot pool that is kept about 102 degrees year around. We will return! In the meantime, here are the platters we had. Enjoy! We did. Don’t forget to Left-Click the photos for a full screen view. You can see their website by Clicking Here.

Pita BLT
Root Beer

I had the sandwich and the bowl of gumbo. Robin just had the gumbo. I thought it was really good. Spicy, but not overwhelming. Great to have the fresh vegies in it, too.

Huckleberry Puff Pastry and Cream Cheese
We shared this. It was delicious!