Wow! Another fabulous dinner at Le Café de Paris last night. We were treated to Dinner In The Rhone. A wonderful meal and Café de Paris still holds their 5-Star (out of 5) rating. If you would like to see more detail on the restaurant, please look at . The service tonight was more relaxed than I have seen it in some time. There are also some new faces. And the food was again, wonderful! Here are some photos of our meal. Enjoy! We did.

These are the two wines that we chose. Out of these two, we picked one.

This is the one we picked. A Rhone blend that went very well with our meal. 14% alcohol made it somewhat “hot”, but it was fruity enough to blend well with the meal. Besides, it has a great label.

Caviar des Canutes
Saucisson Brioché
traditional lyonnaise style lentil salad, with brioche wrapped garlic saucisson sausage

Salade Verte
field greens, roquefort bleu cheese crumbles, house vinaigrette

Poulet Farcis aux Morilles
sauce mercière, spring onion gratin, seasonal vegetable
(Out of the two entrees, we liked this best.)

Quenelles de Brochet
chardonnay braised river pike, watercress sayboyon, sautéed butter beans
(Loved those butter beans)

Bugnes Lyonnaise
Poire au Beaujolais
lyonnaise style beignet, red wine poached pears