While I was slaving away at Taste208 and at Shawn’s graduation party, Robin, Marnie and Brenda were “slaving away” at Maysara Saki in McMinnville, OR. It appears that they are enjoying themselves immensely. I hope so … they deserve it. Shawn’s party was awesome. Good company and good food. Wonderful steaks, salmon and chicken. Several salads and a wonderful cake that Donna made. (See below)

Taste208, on the other hand, was a let down. For the $25 entry fee, you would have thought that the food would have been sample size and no charge. Instead, most of the food was full serving size and a pretty standard fee. Here are some photos of the two events. Enjoy and Cheers!

Shawn Carman’s graduation cake by Donna Scrivner. While at Boise State University he played and coached the Lacrosse team.

Donna Scrivner and Granddaughter Quinn Carman.

Terry Knivila grills the steaks.

Some of the displays. Beer, wine and vodka were the spirits. Nepalese food, Mexican food and soups were there to eat, among some others.

Bakon Vodka