A super Food Truck Rally in Boise tonight. And the weather cooperated. Warm and clear with just a light breeze. I did not count the people there but there wa a good sized crowd.
The photo to the left is Peach Cobler (wonderful!) at Brown Shuga Soul Food. They do sponsor me to take photos of their food truck. You can get a general  idea of the event from the photos that follow. Enjoy and if you missed this one, look for the next rally on the 2nd Friday of June. It is well worth the trip and the food is really diverse and wonderful.

Brown Shuga Soul Food truck. Look for them here and on Chinden Blvd in Garden City Tuesday through Saturday during the week.

Ah yes. BBQ Turkey Legs from Brown Shuga.

Some of the crew at Brown Shuga. Yvonne is in the black Chef’s coat. It takes a good crew to serve all of the people.

Yvonne helps a hungry customer.

Customer service is the name of the game and Yvonne does it very well.

BBQ Chicken and Mac and Cheese from Brown Shuga. This chicken was delicious. I like it better than the turkey legs. That surprised Yvonne. The wine is from the Indian Creek Winery and was a viognier. It went very well with the BBQ.

An Oyster Club Sandwich from Brick 29 and a glass of Payette Brewery IPA. Wow! This was a great combination! I’ll do this again with Brown Shuga’s BBQ Chicken. I told Sheila from Payette Brewery that I want to do a blind tasting of their IPA, Dechutes Brewery Inversion and 10 Barrel Apocalypse IPA. That would be a fun evening. 

Almost needed shaved ice tonight. Definitely will in June.

Mike and Tammy McClure of Indian Creek Winery. I have no idea what Tammy is doing. Introduce yourself to them. They are great people and make a super wine.

Another one of the food trucks.

Well, that’s it for this month. If I didn’t see you there tonight, maybe next month. Cheers!