Even though we woke up to snow on the mountain this morning – yup! 91 degrees last weekend and snow this weekend, 34 degrees over night – we want to congratulate Le Café de Paris on 10 years in Boise. And what an exciting epicurean trip it has been! Thank-You Mathieu and Thank-You to all of his staff who greet us, serve us and prepare fantastic meals for us. Tonight’s dinner was superb!!! Take a look.

Mathieu Choux, Owner of Le Café de Paris, with his party streamers.

Soraya and Olli. Soraya is the Manager of Le Café de Paris

Proud Mama!

Two of the wines we bought to share. Don’t ever say that a white wine, in this case a Chardonnay, won’t cellar well. This one, from 1974, was great and, in my humble opinion, out performed the French wine!!

And we also brought an good Cabernet Sauvignon. We are happy that we were able to share our wines with the folks at Le Café de Paris.

Plateau de Charcuterie
Fois Gras
Cherry Gastrique
Pâté and Rilette
Fresh Baked Bread

Escargots de Bourgogne
escargot sauteed in maitre-d butter, served in voul-au-vents

Escargots de Bourgogne
escargot sauteed in maitre-d butter, served in voul-au-vents

Fois Gras
Cherry Gastrique

Salade de Chèvre Chaud
field greens, confit tomatoes, mustard vinaigrette, baked goat cheese on crostini

Potage Paysan
creamy provençal soup made with potato, onion and swiss
(This soup was awesome!)

Duo de Poissons
Braided Salmon and Halibut Fillets
beurre blanc

Bar aux Herbes
thyme encrusted seabass, served with rice pilaf

Steak Frites
Medium Rare Tri-Tip
green peppercorn brandy sauce,
served with Handcut Fries

Poulet aux Ecrevisses
Local Free Range Chicken
sauce nantua

Handcut Fries

Crêpe Suzette
delicious crepe served with buerre suzette, flambéed with Grand Marnier

Crème Brulée
pistachio custard with topped with burnt sugar

And this is specially for Mathieu. We were talking about the Shrimpcargot from The Buzz and how great an appetizer this is. Enjoy this Mathieu!

Thank-You all for a fantastic and fabulous meal and dining experience. You are still the best! Cheers and see you next time.