The first day of the Boise Saturday Market!!! Yea. It looks like there was going to be a good sized crowd today. This photo was taken at about 10:00am, thirty minutes after opening, and it looks full. The market has grown this year, too. It’s bigger and Better! Enjoy these photos of the activities this weekend, at least some of the activities. The Buzz and the Boise Saturday Market are a great way to start this weekend. Plus great weather – clear skies, gentle breeze and 76 degrees!

Malbecs were featured on the Friday Night Tasting at the Buzz. Good selection! We just might make this a regular. Good wines. Good food and Good friends.

This was a super, awesome appetizer that Cristi came up with – Shrimpcargot Shrimp in a crimini mushroom cap with green onion, cheese and a garlic butter sauce.

Gnocchi, Baked Sweet Potato Fries and Green Salad. Great bistro food.

Great crisp with coffee ice cream

Our friends Geno and Debra who are back in Boise for a while after being in Arizona and Alabama. Welcome back!

Eggs Benedict from the Red Feather Lounge at the Saturday Market. The food was good … can’t really say that about the service. Maybe because it was very busy at the market. We’ll give them another chance.

Some of the people at the market. It was getting crowded.

And just to prove that it is Spring in the Treasure Valley, here are Gennieve’s flowers. Wisteria, and red and yellow tulips.