It has been a long 7 years or so since there was a community garden at the corner of 19th and Jefferson Streets. It is great to see that the Salvation Army is reviving the garden. We did have a complete sprinkler system in place with the original garden. I suppose it is all still there. This is looking west. Remember the house that used to be there?

This is the area looking east.

Here is a flyer that the Salvation Army has posted. Left-Click to enlarge and then print. It is being sponsored in part, I guess, by the Boise Urban Garden School. Look for the “Get Your Hands Dirty” tab on their page to learn more. From the BUGS website, “… The idea behind the Boise Urban Garden School came one winter afternoon while cofounders Wendy Young and Amy Hutchinson were talking over a cup of tea …The pair also discussed the role the natural world, especially the family vegetable garden, played in their childhood. From this simple discussion, the seed of inspiration was planted for BUGS.”