It was another great Boise Food Truck Rally at the MK Nature Center on Walnut Street. A good place with lots of room. The crowd looked like another big one. Maybe 1000+? Everyone looked like they were enjoying their selves. Here are some photos I took. Oh. The BBQ pictured here was a brisket, pulled pork and sausage sandwich. Sorry for the bite(s) out of the sandwich. Just couldn’t wait. The Golden Nectar of the Gods is an IPA from Payette Brewery in Garden City. Enjoy!

The BBQ pictured above was made by Big Daddy’s.

The Brown Shuga Soul Food truck. Am sorry Yvonne, I did not make it back. The line was long and you looked very busy. Thank-You, though. Next time!

My friend Yvonne, Owner/Chef of Brown Shuga Soul Food, warning me to stay away from the turkey legs! Oh my, but they sure did smell good!

Some of the crowd who was there.

More of the crowd.

Even the little ones were having a good time.

And then the Gray Goose tried to make a landing in the parking lot. I don’t think it did, though. I love the diffused sunlight through the clouds lighting the Canada Goose. It was trying to be a stormy, spring night.