Another fantastic Buzz Wine Club Dinner was held on December 20. Seven wines were offered from the Heredad Ugarte Winery in the NE area of Spain – close to the Basque country – two of which were Cristi’s Choice, and a great 4-course dinner. The photo on the left shows Tommy Takeda at the counter keeping everyone happy.
The wines were rated on a [20] point system, [20] being a superb wine.

Here Cristi enjoys a break from the hustle of the evening and giving her voice a rest after a great informational session. For instance, did you know that French oak barrels cost about $2700.00 per barrel and American Oak barrels cost about $2000.00 per barrel. The barrels last about 5 years and then most of them are used for Whiskey, Scotch (Whisky) or Chardonnay. Some are re-finished and used again. Enjoy the photos of the dinner. Cheers!

Dates and Bacon
Flat Bread with Romesco and Shrimp
Cabrales Phyllo Rolls

2010 Heredad Ugarte Winery White
12% alc, pretty much washes out and a light body and balance. [12} $10.00

Chickpea Stew Spinach and Chorizo
(These were Idaho chickpeas)

2007 Heredad Domino Reserva
13.5% alc, bright bouquet and good finish. [14] $19.00

2006 Heredad Domino Reserva
13.5% alc, Better balance than the 2007 and the appeal was better. [17] $12.00
(These were both the same wines, just different vintages)

It is really nice and somewhat exceptional that Tommy and Cristie will offer a Vegetarian Dinner to those who prefer a vegetarian selection. Here, Lisa Clark, she and her husband Gregg sat with us, is served a vegetarian dish.

The rest of us received:
Catalan Picada and Chicken
Green Beans
Tortilla Epanola

2008 Heredad Crianza
13.5% alc, great color and clarity. good balance and appeal. [18] $15.00

Tocinillo de Cielo and Magdalenas

2009 Mercedes Tempranillo Shiraz
14.0% alc, a really superb wine that was rich in fruit, full bodied and lasted well. [19] $12.00
This wine was the winner for the evening and it was not the most expensive!