20% of your food purchased and consumed from local farmers and restaurants by 2020! That should really be possible. I know Robin and I really do try to adhere to this. As an example, I can 13 items each year of which 8 are produce totally from the products of the local farming community or from our garden or friends gardens. That’s 62! We get our freezer packed full of local lamb each year from a local 4-H farmer. And we use buffalo raised at the Brown’s Buffalo Ranch in Nyssa, Idaho.

This past weekend, we had the delightful experience to attend the 20X20, 20 course dinner for $20.00 at the Red Feather Lounge in Boise. (The photo on the right shows part of their wine cellar. Pretty photo, but not necessarily part of this program. ) The idea was to raise funds for the Sustainable Community Connections. Furthermore, the Treasure Valley food Coalition states on their web site that, “The Treasure Valley Food Coalition, a program of Sustainable Community Connections, is a network of community members working together to create a sustainable local food system.

Statement of Purpose
Supporting sustainable agriculture, our local food system and community food security in the Treasure Valley. All Treasure Valley citizens deserve access to affordable, fresh, local, sustainably produced food.” With all of this in mind, please do visit these two web sites and enjoy the photos of the meal that we were served. Many, many thanks to the Red Feather Lounge and their staff for closing the restaurant to the public and allowing us to have this program. Thanks too, to the Service Staff! Enjoy the photos! Left-Click any photo to see full screen.

Friends of ours, who we have not seen in several years, Robert and Annie Malcolm Moore.

Check this menu out. And yes, the drinks were included. The drinks I likes best? Number 1, Fuzzy Leopard (vodka, basil, lemon/lime) and Number 7, Arancita Bebida (gin, orange and olive oil)

Chicken Salad Tea Sandwich

Tomato Apricot Crostini

Soft Boiled Egg and Anchovy Aioli

Summer Squash Fritters and Pesto

Cucumber and Lox

Grilled Halloumi with Cherries
(I liked this one as one of the best)

Papas Bravas with Garlic Aioli

German Meatballs (Pork and Beef)

Pastry Cream and Fresh Market Berries
(I liked this one as one of the best)

Raspberry Red Velvet Cake

I planted this Quince bush in our Alley Garden last year. This is the first of the quinces that the bush produced. It has nothing to do with this dinner except to let the readers know that you can plant a productive garden any place!!

I know, we need Smellivision to get the full effect of these photos. Just believe me: It was delicious! Cheers! And remember: Think Local! We do.