To be honest, a vegetarian restaurant or cafe or bistro just isn’t my first choice. But, the Shangri-La Tea Room and Cafe is awesome! The ambiance of the cafe with its low, but colorful lighting and decor, is great. And then, the entertainment that we heard, the Fleet Street Klezmer Band played some really different, but interesting music.

And when you pull into the parking lot, you are greeted by this, and some other, art work. What a tree! This is a really fun place to go and eat. I have placed a link on a more detailed review below. Go to Shangri-La and enjoy the treats!

Fleet Street Klezmer Band. A mix of Romanian, Gypsy, Jewish and Mediterranean music. A good band!

An open invitation for everyone to dance!

Belly Dancer. Great entertainment.


Gypsy violin. Awesome music and smile!

And then, along with all of this great entertainment, there is Mediterranean food. I am by no means a vegetarian, but this meal really was good. It hit the spot. You can find a review of the food at Shangri-La Tea Room and Cafe by clicking the link. I rated the Shangri-La a 3-Star, but I may have to change that when we return. Here are some photos I took of the food. Enjoy! We did!

Mango and Ceylon Tea and Granger IPA

Cold Coconut Cream Soup
cucumber, carrot, cayenne, mushroom, avocado, cilantro

Wild Mushroom Miso
porcini, Chilean boltet, black trumpet, golden oyster, eryngii, reishi, straw, portobello, shitake mushrooms
onion in a miso-garlic broth

Baba Ganouj and Pita
eggplant, spices

Available teas.

Veggie Burger
whole grain bun, mango peach salsa, spring green and tomato
(I had a Tofu Burger in Berkley at the West Brae Deli that was simply awesome. This veggie burger was at least as good. I will go back just for this burger!)

Chocolate Overload Torte and Homemade Green Tea Ice Cream
Rich and decadent. A chocolate lovers dream come true.

Pecan Tea Cake

You really do have to go and try this food. It is that good. Cheers and Enjoy!!