We are very lucky in Boise to have so much cultural diversity. We have, and we usually attend, the Greek Food Festival, the Russian Food Festival, Basque Festivals, an awesome wine region, the Snake River AVA, and this weekend many of the wineries had an open house, and the Obon Festival – the Japanese festival on Ontario, OR. And I know I have missed some. But we started at the Williamson Orchards, Vineyard and Winery celebrating the family’s 100 years in Sunnyslope. Cherries are ready and super sweet.

Here is Robin tasting Petite Sirah and Port from the barrell and discussing the art of blending varietals in wines with Roger Williamson.

Can’t have wine without cheese, so we made a stop at Rollingstone Chèvre farm in Parma, ID. Below is a photo of one of the products.

We are going back next week with some friends.

Ah, yes, the Japanese Obon Festival in Ontario, OR.

Here is a Bento Box that Robin and I had. Delicious!!

A very different rice dish.

The counter where one could purchase almost anything they wanted.

All of this delicious Japanese food and no sake!

But wait! We can see a place from our table where we are told they have some very good sake. They were right! We had a really interesting sake tasting.

So there you have our “day trip”. It was fun. It was interesting. It was exciting. Cheers!