I have had several requests over the past 3 or four weeks for the recipe(s) for the Sourdough Bread I make. The latest just today from my Niece Beth. I sent these recipes to her, so I’ll post them to the “others” too. The hardest part is the starter – making your own. Remember, most of the sourdough yeasts are wild yeasts. That’s what makes the San Francisco sourdough bread so unique – the strain of air born wild yeast. Anyway, here are my recipes. Enjoy! They are listed from the easiest to the more difficult.

This might be easier. Listing these from the easiest to the more difficult –
1. Rustic Sourdough BreadRustic Sourdough Bread

2. San Francisco Sourdough French BreadSan Francisco Sourdough French Bread

3. Boise Sourdough BreadBoise Sourdough Bread

Or, if you go to our, Web Page and click on Recipes By Bob and Robin and then follow the link to “Breads …..”, you will find each one listed. If you have problems finding the recipe you want, just let me know. One Note: The SF Sourdough French Bread I usually make into loaves using a loaf pan. The basic recipe, though, is for baguettes. Also, I have added some different grains – whole wheat, flax, oat flour – in some of the recipes. If you don’t have these grains, don’t worry. Just make sure your flour content is the same. 5 c All-Purpose, can equal 3 c Whole Wheat, 1 c Flax and 1 c All Purpose. Have fun and let me know how the bread comes out. I am in the process of making more of the #3 right now. People love it!