Nope! It’s not over. We found another place. But, let’s first look at the “ground rules”.

Reuben Sandwich
1. Reuben made with Corned beef
2. Rachel made with pastrami
3. Both made with
a. Toasted or grilled Jewish rye or Marbled rye
b. Kraut or slaw but with some type of cabbage
c. Meat – See above
d. Russian Dressing – usually home made
e. Grilled onion
f. Swiss cheese

So, what we “usually” call a Reuben, is actually a Rachael. But, I bet if you went into a restaurant and asked for a Rachael Sandwich, they’d say, “Huh?” And if they don’t, get one!

The Reuben Sandwich Challenge Scoring

Rated on 1 to 5-Stars, here is how we rate the three places in Boise that serve a Reuben Sandwich. 1-Star is enough for this year and a 5-Star is one that meets the criteria.

1. Barbaccoa – Big thick slabs of meat, no rye toast, they used bread, and soggy from an over abundance of kraut. No grilled onion. Rating: 1-Star

2. Donny Mac’s – Rye toast was weak on the rye, heavy on the 1000 Island dressing. Sloppy to eat because of the really wet kraut. The pastrami was good. Raw onions. Rating: 2-Stars

3. Cucina di Paolo – Yea! Russian Dressing. Good pastrami and not overly salty. Great kraut. Did not notice any grilled onion. Good rye toast, although it was Marble Rye. I would prefer a straight Jewish Rye, Deli Rye. I always like a good Jewish Kosher pickle with my Reuben. None of these places had that. Rating: 4-Stars

4. Seasons Bistro – Wow!! We’ve got a foot race. Homemade Russian Dressing, as was Cucina di Paolo. Good pastrami as was Cucina di Paolo. Great kraut that is special ordered and, in my opinion, better than Cucina di Paolo. Grilled onions. Good rye, that I actually tasted the caraway seed, although it was the Marbled Rye!!! I told Rachael Hurn, Owner, that I really would like to give her the 5-Stars for this sandwich, but I couldn’t. She asked, “Why?” And I told her, “No Jewish Kosher deli pickle.” She said she would go get me one. Too late. But, Rachael does know – as did Paul at Cucina di Paolo – the difference between a Reuben and a Rachael Sandwich. She has both on the menu!!! Rating: 4½ – Stars

We really are closing in on “The Best Reuben Sandwich in Boise“. Cheers!