To say that today was a big waste of time, would not be true! So I won’t say it. Robin and I had the very distinct pleasure of meeting and having lunch with Michael Boss of Behind The Menu at Pizzalchik on Gary Lane in Boise. Some really unique pizzas and salads. Try a Tequila and Lime Roasted Prawn Salad with Asian Noodles or one of the fantastic House Salads with a Balsamic Dressing! Or a Neapolitan Pizza – thin crust, tomato and cheese. Or Build Your Own – ground beef, garlic, sun dried tomatoes, red onion and basil. And then there is always wine to go with the meals or beer or Cokes. Here are some slides.

Want something different along the lines of a pizza? Try the Pizzalchik. It’s well worth the trip. And try one of their salads while you’re there. Cheers!