A ride to where? Wilder? What’s in Wilder? Ahhh, you say, two things!

First, there are hops! Miles and miles of hops! Just coming through from a long Winters nap. They will grow to 16 to 20 feet tall. And after they grow, they will find their way to your favorite brew.

And Second, there is Alejandra’s Mexican Restaurant. (It always comes down to food!) A very excellent restaurant and almost better than those in Boise and Kuna. Read our Review. We will probably go back to this one. However, there is one in Marsing right on Main Street, which might be a wee bit closer.

We were actually at Parma Ridge Winery and we asked the winemaker – Dick Dickstein – where a good Mexican restaurant was in the area. He highly suggested Alejandra’s and he was right! (One really should not take a photography amid chews! It gives a false impression.)

It really was an enjoyable morning and afternoon. A good Idaho winery visited – no, we did not buy any – we have some in storage; We found another good restaurant to frequent and it was a pleasant drive through the Idaho countryside on a beautiful spring afternoon. Not much traffic on the roads as most people have returned from the Mountains and the Memorial Day Weekend and are now back at work. We are still retired!!! So Robin and I will spend out days searching for good wine and good food and report to you what we have found. It’s tough – But someone has to do it! Cheers!