Well, the start of the summer season is here with this being Memorial Day. But just think, in 180 days Labor Day will be upon us! (Just a thought) And the Clematis and rose that Donna and Bob gave us several years ago, are just awesome this year!

This is not as deep a red as a Blaze, but on the alley side of the house, it gives a wonderful splash of red color.

And the Salsa gives this awesome hue of reddish-yellow-gold to the front yard.

Actually, I am loading these photos now to kill some time. The pulled pork is in the smoker and will be ready about mid-afternoon. The baked beans are in “baking” and should be done in a couple of hours – they have already been going for 2 hours. Robin has the potato salad done and the cheesecake is almost done. The beer is chilling and the wine is standing. I think we’re going to have a party! Cheers!