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Sorry it has been so long since the last post. But things have been hectic. So now here are some meals that we have been working on. Some are using leftovers and therefore no real recipe. Others have recipes and posted with the photo of the meal. Hope you enjoy these. Let’s start with breakfast.

bp-12Aug2022_1_Captains Shack_Eggs Polenta

We had some Idaho produced polenta in the refrigerator so why not some Fried Polenta, Sausage Linjks and Basted eggs? That’s what we had. All very basic, except you might want to prepare the polenta on medium low heat to prevent burning. The eggs were basted – fry until whites are set then add water and a clear lid to steam the eggs. Only takes a minute or too. Found it works best with butter in the pan and not an oil.

Then there were what we like to call Eggs on Pillows. Basted eggs on “pillows” of fresh made hash browns.  And then served with sausage links. Again, not difficult to make.

Now. Let’s move to dinners.

Nothing says one can not have a salad for dinner. Try this modified Caprice Salad, for example. Basically, a Caprice Salad -tomato, mozzarella cheese and lots of fresh basil. Then I added black olives and I had to use mozzarella string cheese – all I had. Then added celery and hard cooked eggs. and olive oil for a dressing. It worked. Different, but yummy!

And for dinner, a Tuscan Fried Chicken using Italian herb mix and some  of our Herbs de Provence, http://www.rockinrs.com/CS-Herbs.pdf Topped each piece with some fresh basil. It was really good.


And then how about a Native American dish I called Totanka Stew. Totanka is Sioux for buffalo. The stew is a great one and we like it better than a beef stew. The buffalo was a sliced hump roast and the cut to bite sized pieces. http://www.rockinrs.com/CS-Totanka-Stew.pdf Not difficult to make, just takes a little time.

And for dessert, Robin loves the Shortbread Cookies. Again, not hard to do, just takes a little time. Sometimes I even add roasted pecans, but not always. http://www.rockinrs.com/CS-Pecan-Shortbread-Cookies.pdf

So there you go. Some fun meals to try. Enjoy!