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It isn’t often that I “push” a kitchen product. This is an exception. I do have several different kinds of mandolins, but about a month ago, I was using may – until then – plastic, not inexpensive one and the plastic table and rails were warped. The guard slipped off and the mandolin became a DNA sampler and history. Now, to find another. Search Boise. Nothing to suit me. So to the web. Progressive International offered a model PL8, that looked interesting. Here is a link to the PL8 Professional Mandoline 1000.

PL8 Mandolin

I find the safety element – a non-removable hand guard, solid construction and some plastic but mostly where needed metal – an absolute benefit and must. Non skid feet on both ends work extremely well. They come in either black or white. I got a white one like pictured here.
It does several things beyond just a slicer. It will julienne 3 different sizes. It also does a waffle slice. But I am really impressed by the safety hand guard. (Left-Click any of these photos to see them enlargede.)

PL8 Parts

I ordered mine online from Walmart, Order Online from Walmart and I am extremely happy with thee service and the speed of delivery. They are available, however, from several vendors and all within a do-able price range – $59.95. For me? This is well worth the cost. If you are looking for a good, stable and substantial mandoline, this might be for you. And just so you know, I Do Not receive anything for promoting this kitchen product. Think of it as Tool Time in the Kitchen! Cheers!