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And a good Thanksgiving it was! Marnie had us all down to Marsing, ID for dinner. Robin, Chris, Eric, Emmet, Marnie and me. Beautiful view across the Snake River to Lizard Butte. Sunny and warm. We ate on her back porch. Served dinner buffet style. Much easier.
Eric made some fresh venison summer sausage so we had cheese and sausage to start. And yes, there was a variety of wine and drinks for those who do not drink wine. Emmet made a wonderful Pecan Pie and Marnie made Port Poached Pears. Oh yum! Robin and I made the turkey and some trimmings, including Crockpot Mashed Potatoes, a wonderful and easy way to make mashed potatoes. Chris made the Dried Corn for the first time. Good job, Chris. If you want to see these photos enlarged, Left-Click them.

Lizard Butte from Marnie’s front porch.

Robin on the porch.

The turkey is brining. Here’s how to brine the turkey – How To Brine a Turkey

Robin’s Orange Cranberry. (The recipe is on this site. Don’t leave home without it.)

Marnie, Chris and Eric in the kitchen at Marnie’s house, including Lola waiting patiently!

In the kitchen.

Marnie and Eric making Wilted Lettuce Salad.

Chestnut Stuffing ready for the turkey.

Dilly Bread is ready. Robin’s Dilly Bread

Candied Orange Peel

Dinner is plated.

Emmets Pecan Pie. It was good.

Marnie’s Port Poached Pear with Mascapone