Superb wine dinner at Chandlers in Boise last night. Take a look.

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Hat Ranch - Vale CollageChandlers Prime Steaks and Fine Seafood in Boise presented a wine dinner featuring Hat Ranch/Vale Wineries. Great food and wines and we were privileged to be there. And I did find out that Hat Ranch Winery does have a Petit Verdot that is not blended with anything. It is 100%! One of the few and I do like a good Petit Verdot. We did start with a good Hors d’oeuvre of endive stuffed with Roquefort and walnut – which was very good – and a crostini with tapenade. Also served was puff pastry with fromage blanc. whenever possible Chandlers uses all local, Idaho products.
But before we could start this fantastic wine dinner, we sat at the bar and asked the Bar Tender if he had a drink made with elderflower. In fact, he does – tow of them. One somewhat sweet and the other slightly tart. We got one…

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